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We have developed our skills providing different solutions to traders working with a vast panel of commodities, such as cotton, iron ore, metals, grain, chemicals, fertilizers, coal. We have supported business transformation and implementation of the necessary tools to enhance operational control, costs transparency helping to generate higher margins and increase market share while reducing costs.

We have supported the integration of new commodities in existing business flows, redefined sales channels, optimized trade flows, managed the risks related to commodity trading, supported creation of new offices in different legislations, performed compliance and internal controls, supported CTRM software selection and implementation as well as management of information resources and in-house developments, interfaced different information systems.

We have strong analytical skills and have been delivering managers with key performance indicators, ad-hoc decision making reporting, detailed P&L per deal, price leakage analysis, order processing optimization, logistics streamlining, business process models and value chain analysis, definition of KPIs and metrics, management of Information Systems and Service Level Agreements.

In order to guarantee optimal skills we have partnered with specialists in all trading business fields to support us in our missions, so SINGA can offer the best and most efficient experience to our customers. We have a large panel of experts available, such as Risk Managers, Quant Analysts, Forex and Treasury specialists, Trade Finance professionals, IT and Security experts, Legal Advisors, each of them with years of experience in the Commodity Trading arena.

Thanks to our available resources we are able to run, all or part of the commodity trading operations, on behalf of our customers.

Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision

SINGA’s business is built on making expertise and technology more accessible and more affordable to all traders. We’ve developed considerable expertise in all the trading areas that are needed to shape the best Commodity Trading processes.

Our strengths are dedication and hard work, a solid experience supporting commodity trading, good track record in delivering customer requirements, excellent references and strong partnership with field experts in all areas of the business.

Our Management Philosophy

  • Build partnership with customers;
  • Pursue industry leading positions;
  • Promote total quality management;
  • Focus on strategic vision for globalized and long-term business;
  • Act decisively with the courage of risk taking;
  • Encourage innovation and inclusiveness;
  • Create a challenging and learning work environment;
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Our Values


  • We continuously improve our skills and knowledge, and stay up to date through technology watch;
  • We work in order to provide the highest added value and return on investment;
  • We are fully committed and apply a high level of expectations on our work in order to success in the most efficient way;
  • We are specialits on our subjects and team with field of experts to deliver the best solutions to our customers;
  • We deliver solutions based on experience, track records and successful deliveries;
  • We deliver in accordance to time and budgetary constraints;
  • We are not afraid of accepting challenging projects;
  • We target excellence with minimal perturbation on the established organization.


  • We define high level objectives and standards and we apply effective and efficient methodologies and patterns to succeed;
  • We take initiative and encourage a proactive approach within the frame of a professional work;
  • We are respectful with company values, and are committed to apply them in our behavior, decisions and actions.

Customer Orientation

  • We carefully listen and understand customer's business requirements;
  • We find specific solutions answering your needs;
  • We deliver solutions fully in line with the defined scope of work and within the agreed timeframe;
  • We build and develop a sustainable trust relation with our customers;
  • We continuously re-evaluate our processes and chase our self in order to give you ultimate services.


  • We tell things as they are;
  • We are frank and honest in all we do;
  • We adhere to moral and ethical principles;
  • We consider confidentiality as part of our integrity.

Team Spirit

  • We are a team sharing common goals;
  • Our customers are considered as team member;
  • We help each other;
  • We accept criticism and are open to different ideas;
  • We keep in mind that failures are steps on the way of success;
  • We carefully listen to different points of view and ideas from our customers, partners and co-workers.

Our Mission

We have the best in class expertise available to cover all areas of the commodity trading business and to provide the most efficient solutions enhancing customer's overall performance. We help our customers adapting to changes in the market (such as products/services/organizational structure), competition, new regulations (such as DFA/EMIR, AML) and in compliance with international sanctions.

We wish to be your selected partner for the creation or reengineering of business processes and their implementation.