Business Intelligence

At SINGA we benefit from a strong experience in aggregating data and providing decision making tools, as well as ad-hoc queries or scheduled analysis, implementing data checks including preventive and detective accuracy and integrity controls. We administer business databases, review their architecture, and we are able to create your data warehouse and reporting tools.

Our main strength remains in a perfect fit between technical knowledge and the Commodities Trading expertise

Business Intelligence Solution

A well designed business intelligence solution allows your company to make better choices and take efficient decisions. This is achieved by a proper monitoring and understanding of your key information. Information organization can include business databases, production data, Excel files, as well as any other relevant data source. A full business intelligence application including data integration and cleansing operations allows integrating all your disparate data sources into a single and organized data repository. Data repository is used for reporting and detailed analysis, which can be used by any person (employees or external partners) based on granted rights.

We have observed that companies often allocate budgets to improve the business processes and to align their systems, often data extractions, consolidations, data availability and analysis capacity remain out of the scope. Too many organizations focus only on gathering as much data as they can, completely forgetting whether it’s correct and how it can be used.

Data Accuracy

More crucially, we have seen systems implemented but data accuracy and integrity playing a second role if not completely forgotten. Gathered data is rarely usable in its original state and must be processed and presented in a way which complies with end customer expectations and requirements.

If data accuracy level is poor or insufficient, the efficiency will be lacking and the decisions relying on such information are poor if not completely irrelevant

Data Integrity

Adding to the question of whether such data can be trusted, it triggers the data integrity issue. We cannot stay blind on the fact that data comes from everywhere nowadays, such as Commodity Trading and Risk Management tools (CTRM), ERPs, Market price tools (e.g.: Bloomberg, Platts…), specific Excel files, in-house web applications, mobile devices, data feeds, etc. With so many data sources the reliability of information cannot be guaranteed and in this case it should not be used to make decisions. Decision makers need to trust their data and to know the confidence level they can place in such information. The implementation of data governance helps increasing the level of confidence of your information.

Such data issues can be addressed by putting in place a central data repository or data warehouse allowing your company to create a consolidated set of business data, optimized for reporting and analysis.

A proper data management leads to faster and more efficient decision making and business analysis