Commodity Trading Operations

We have the proper knowledge to deal with traders active in soft/hard commodities. We understand trading business, physical as well as all paper aspects. Futures, forwards, swaps, arbitrage, OTC, ETFs, are part of our daily work. For the physical operations, we have a strong experience understanding and reviewing the operational flows, from contract management up to accounting and consolidation, with an emphasis on process optimization.

At SINGA, we listen and speak Commodity Trading

Price Risk Management

We know how to monitor your positions, stress test them, calculate your V.A.R. and provide your MtM. We can propose different solutions to perfectly answer your needs.

Contract Management

In commercial conflict management the contract is the basis for arbitration or even litigation with your partners. A contract defines also the basics for the execution; poor quality contracts often cause extra operational costs (margin reduction) and in more severe cases lead to liquidated damages.

We have optimized (time and cost) contract management in relation to contractual legal terms (accuracy and integrity of clauses, integration of market changes, such as international sanctions, etc...) sales conditions (efficient delivery and payment conditions, etc…)

We have noticed a high correlation between contract effective management and operational efficiency


At SINGA we have operated various sales channels, from simple back-to-back with related title documentation and operations up to a go-to-market approach leading to distribution models.

We have run different projects starting with strategic markets and operational locations definition, analyzing taxes and establishment risks, coordination of the sales network and legislation prerogatives. Accordingly, we have designed, developed and implemented complete software solutions, which provide online stock management, deals capture and monitoring, traceability of goods, budgeting and reporting allowing the detection of logistics flaws and possible improvements.

Detailed costs traceability improves price leakage understanding