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Commodity Trading Operations

We have the proper knowledge to deal with traders active in soft/hard commodities. We understand trading business, physical as well as all paper aspects. Futures, forwards, swaps, arbitrage, OTC, ETFs, are part of our daily work. For the physical operations, we have a strong experience understanding and reviewing the operational flows, from contract management up to accounting and consolidation, with an emphasis on process optimization.

At SINGA, we listen and speak Commodity Trading
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Business Intelligence

At SINGA we benefit from a strong experience in aggregating data and providing decision making tools, as well as ad-hoc queries or scheduled analysis, implementing data checks including preventive and detective accuracy and integrity controls. We administer business databases, review their architecture, and we are able to create your data warehouse and reporting tools.

Our main strength remains in a perfect fit between technical knowledge and the Commodities Trading expertise
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Risk & Compliance

We understand that a trading company cannot survive without a proper Risk Management. Price volatility, basis risk, spread risk, market fundamentals, forex, liquidity and international sanctions are some of the risks that can impact your performance. Add compliance to this list and you have a major issue to tackle while running your business.

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Legal Advisory

At SINGA we have partnered with a Geneva based counselling firm with extensive experience in the Commodity Trading business. We have required their expertise in the fields of International Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Claims Management, Commercial Contracts and Dispute Resolution. We can also count on their support in other areas of the business such as Corporate and Legal Structure Advice, IP and Trademark.

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Process & Operational Efficiency

Information Technology

With current market environment and the increased regulations, our customers face complex challenges on their daily operations. IT managers need to define appropriate strategy and continuously review and improve the business processes in order to increase the performance and the compliance with regulators (such as Price Risk Management, EMIR, International Sanctions,…) and implement the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions to support the business.

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is of paramount importance for any company which wants to run its business with the best effectiveness and efficiency. It refers to the structures and processes for the direction and control of the company.

At SINGA, we think that a reliable corporate governance should help the company to operate more efficicently and transparently, mitigate risks and prevent from mismanagement
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Financing of Operations

Any company even if not involved in commodity trading relies on external capital provided by financial institutions to run its business. On top of financing purchase of goods and running costs, trading firms may also need additional capital to finance extra costs such as shipping, duties and freight insurance.

At SINGA, we have experience in such field and we can help you on setting up financing and optimizing incurred costs
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Financial Advisory

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