Treasury & Financial Advisory

Thanks to our partner of choice KERIUS Finance, SINGA Associates can help you with your Treasury management and Financial Risk Management (e.g. Forex Risk Management).

KERIUS Finance is an independent advisory and service company specializing in the management of treasury, market risk, hedging and all derivative products.
Area of expertise:

  • - Risks and hedging linked to currencies, interest rates, inflation, commodities and energy…;
  • - Structuring of financing (currencies, covenants...) and cash investment strategies;
  • - Valuation of structured products (autocalls etc.), free shares and warrants / stock options;
  • - Treasury management (organization, systems, reporting).

Our objective is to allow our clients to manage their risks and treasury in coherence with their operational objectives and management philosophy. In this goal, Kerius Finance puts at their disposal their sharp and independent financial expertise and a dedicated support.