Legal Advisory

At SINGA we have partnered with Field Solutions, a Geneva based counselling firm with extensive experience in the Commodity Trading business. We have required their expertise in the fields of International Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Claims Management, Commercial Contracts and Dispute Resolution. We can also count on their support in other areas of the business such as Corporate and Legal Structure Advice, IP and Trademark.

International Trade
We advise clients involved in international trade on the development of their sale and purchase strategies with respect to import and export, import for processing, temporary imports and other customs procedures. The scope of our services includes:

  • - Ensuring compliance of trading operations with international principles and regulations, including export (re-export) controls and customs sanctions;
  • - Drafting of tailor-made sale and/or purchase agreements;
  • - Distribution agreement schemes tailor-made to the business orientations of the client;
  • - Anti-dumping investigations;
  • - Joint venture and agency agreements.

International Transportation
We advise clients involved in delivering goods by sea, rail and other means of transportation on their dealings with commodities traders, agents, ports, forwarders, ship owners, charterers, suppliers, etc. The scope of our services includes:

  • - Advice on bills of lading and charter parties;
  • - Marine Cargo Insurance;
  • - Drafting tailor-made transport conditions for commodities traders.

Commercial Contracts
We advise clients located in various jurisdictions on contracts and related issues from the most diverse fields. We support and represent clients with a view to the negotiation and conclusion of agreements, as well as in connection with contract enforcement. In this regard, our areas of competence encompass all forms of commercial contracts, for example, sale and purchase, lease, supply, employment, licenses, service and agency agreements, as well as the diverse forms of cooperation agreements.

Distribution Agreements
We advise clients on all matters relating to the distribution of goods, products and services, where appropriate with the involvement of our overseas partner firms in relevant jurisdictions.

Dispute Resolution
Our philosophy is to focus on solutions and settlements from the outset and throughout proceedings, whilst safeguarding the interests of our clients at all times. This will avoid prolonged, time-consuming and costly proceedings and to allow, where possible, a client to maintain a viable, ongoing, commercial relationship with a counter party. We can represent the interests of our clients in state courts, in International arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICAC, Swiss Chamber of Commerce) and mediation in relation to disputes arising in different fields of business:

  • - Commercial and trade-related disputes;
  • - Distribution and supply agreements;
  • - Enforcement proceedings;
  • - Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.