Risk and Compliance

We understand that a trading company cannot survive without a proper Risk Management. Price volatility, basis risk, spread risk, market fundamentals, forex, liquidity and international sanctions are some of the risks that can impact your performance. Add compliance to this list and you have a major issue to tackle while running your business.

We believe that those risks can be mitigated with appropriate processes and systems, introducing preventive and detective controls, defining and classifying the risks with their likelihood and impact helping to generate the risk management priorities.

At SINGA we have specialized in identifying risks related to Commodity Trading thanks to our business expertise and capacity to understand all operational flows.

To meet your Risk Management requirements the implementation of the appropriate CTRM is a key success factor

The systems we recommend are capable of managing your Credit Risk, Price Risk (capacity to hedge your positions with common indexes, calculation of your VaR, Mtm, stress test…), Forex, Operational Risks (such as extra operational costs of storage, demurrage, impossibility to deliver), compliance risks (international sanctions),... We can also support you in the implementation of controls and risk mitigation related to Financial Regulations such as Basel II-III, EMIR, DFA, AML and many legal risks related to your business.

We have created different Credit Policies; we have put in place data extraction processes to identify client history. We have as well integrated credit agencies ratings, organized the credit committees, defined limits and credit risk mitigation rules.

Based on our experience we can help you to review your processes, detect risks and controls, define possible improvements, support your audit and compliance checks and implement the proper solutions for risk management purposes.